The Portfolio Defense Consulting Group is a team of experienced risk management consultants and analysts. The two principals have over 45 years of experience in financial services operations, management consulting, and model development, including 16 years at Fair, Isaac. They hold advanced degrees from MIT and UC Berkeley. Our experienced analytic staff hold degrees from Stanford, Princeton, UC Berkeley, the Claremont College, and one is on the faculty of the US Naval Postgraduate School.

Our staff have worked with hundreds of the largest lenders in the US over the past nineteen years, and have developed thousands of predictive models of all kinds. We have worked on projects ranging from the development of custom applicant risk models, to the creation of behavior models and in-depth analysis of collections strategies, to designing, creating and maintaining a risk management data warehouse, and performing detailed analyses of risk management policies and practices.

We have expertise in credit risk management, including account origination and account management; marketing response models for lending products of all types; best practices benchmarking of consumer credit operations; decision support, including tracking and analysis; project management and project quality assurance; assistance with regulatory compliance issues and Basel II; custom analytics; and extensive experience in statistical model development.

We provide the highest quality services and analytics by tailoring our solutions and technology to each client's needs, by innovating to optimize predictive power and by keeping a sharp focus on the implementation environment . Our "partnership solution" approach to business problem solving permits us to jointly add value and deploy superior solutions.
Conferences and Events

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Newly developed Financial Distress Score© developed to enhance predictive power during recessionary times.

We establish partnerships to deliver credit scoring seminars internationally for the SAS Institute.

Stay tuned for announcements about special client appreciation events planned throughout our 10th year.